How to Make Your Airport Experience Stress Free

Travelling through airports can be stressful for many people. This has even been recognised by LAX in Los Angeles, where dogs are on hand so passengers can stroke them which has been proven to relieve stress. This seems like a fantastic idea, but unless you happen to be travelling to an airport with dogs, this will not be much help to those contemplating their next air travel adventure with dread. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the worst of the stress and have as calm and peaceful an airport experience as possible. – Know before you go: Being prepared is the best stress-buster there is. If you have done your research about airport regulations, available amenities, the details of your flight and your destination then you can be calmer and will feel more in control of the situation. Knowing before going is the best defence against things going wrong and will help you to enjoy your holiday without worrying about the things that are within your control. How are you getting to [...]